Strategic Technical Advisor to Startups


As a founder, are you relying on engineers with single-digit years of experience to make strategic technology decisions?

This often works well in the beginning, while you’re still proving your concept and seeking product/market fit. The software needs to look good and function well when used as recommended. Client success, or you, can step in when users do something weird, right?


Honestly, maybe never. Slow bootstrapped growth can continue indefinitely in a well-defended niche, even with code that would make angels cry. However most founders we’ve met have loftier goals, and here are the deal-breakers we see most frequently:

  1. You need to adapt rapidly to changing market demands, but your tech stack is too fragile for rapid adaptation. More nimble competitors are eating your lunch because you aren’t delivering.
  2. Your sales pipeline is delivering more growth than your tech stack can handle, resulting in a very public meltdown. Churn is inevitable unless you act quickly.

Both of these problems are dramatically more urgent if you’re taken post-angel investor money. Sharks have expectations, and getting it wrong will hurt valuation on your next round.


  • Typically we start with an assessment to provides a baseline.
  • Based on our findings, we work with you to define SMART goals.
  • From there we create a near-term action plan, which may involve one or more of:
    • Advisory role to assist an existing leader
    • Leading one or more teams
    • Offshore resources to supplement your team