A personal note from Mack Earnhardt, Founder and Managing Principal of Agile Reasoning:

Early History… Agile Reasoning began in 2007 as a way to return to the software development I did in the 80s and 90s. My first consultancy, founded in 1999, focused on database management, technology infrastructure, and network security. We grew to over $1 Million in revenue with Fortune 500 clientele, but by ’07 I was itching to get into web applications. Given the success of Salesforce in popularizing the SaaS model, I saw potential to leverage web technology to serve internal business needs. Pivoting was an option, but selling my consultancy to start fresh allowed me to focus my full attention on a different facet of technology.

From 2007 to 2015, Agile Reasoning operated as a boutique consultancy creating applications to fill a variety of client needs. We offered cloud management as an unheralded sideline, and happily the timing coincided with the rise of cloud computing. I’m pleased to say Agile Reasoning has never owned a physical server and likely never will. Agile Reasoning built a reputation for solid development skills by word of mouth, and it was so successful that few people remember I ever did anything else.

Recent Success… In early 2014 I was invited to join a pre-beta startup in the Healthcare Analytics space called Springbuk®. There was no in-house technology expertise, and beta launch was coming fast. I left Agile Reasoning’s day-to-day operations in the hands of my project manager and dev team lead and jumped in. It was a wild ride from the beginning, taking what was essentially a working demo and making it production ready. Security upgrades, a new data import process, and a clean sheet DevOps implementation all had to get done in a compressed timeframe. The beta version launched on time with 3 customers, and since that day Springbuk has experienced zero unplanned downtime.

By mid 2015 it was crunch time at Springbuk. We faced a challenge that’s typical of funded startups. Meet specific goals to attract the next round of financing, and move fast while carefully managing the remaining cash. I brought in my project manager to assist me at Springbuk and pushed pause on Agile Reasoning. We smoothly transitioned our existing clients to another consultancy in order to focus all our efforts on Springbuk. This effort paid off handsomely in May 2016 when Springbuk announced a $3.75 Million Series A led by Lewis & Clark Ventures.

Fresh funding kicked off a period of rapid change, culminating in a hiring blitz to flesh out the skeleton crew that my team became during crunch time. During my tenure the Springbuk platform has gone from pre-beta to nearly 500 employers that represent 500,000 individuals. Having overseen this period of rapid growth and hand selected an expanded staff, I’ve decided it’s time for a change. There’s a lot I miss about running my own consultancy, and all the preparations are in place for me to transition out. I’ve built a great crew, and I’ll stay involved with Springbuk in an advisory capacity.

What’s Next… Starting in November Agile Reasoning will reignite offering technical advisory and project expertise in conjunction with a versatile array of partners. Those conversations are ongoing, but I’m already excited about the possibilities we’re creating. Our precise target market and full range of services are still in development, but I can share that our preliminary prospects are companies facing critical technology decisions without a seasoned CIO/CTO in house.

I’ll be forever grateful for the many people who helped me get to this point. There’s an amazing amount of talent and sage advice in my network of friends and business connections, and I wouldn’t be here without you. I hope to reconnect with many of you in the coming months as I emerge from the heads-down mode I’ve been in for the last 2+ years. And please don’t hesitate to reach out if this message strikes a chord, inspires an idea, or perhaps you just miss me. 🙂

With joy and gratitude,

Mack Earnhardt